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6B Liberty, Suite 230, Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656


We enable the precise delivery of treatment by removing guesswork, variable diagnoses, and treatment strategies based on one-size fits all medicine. We can integrate and analyze any-and-all available data about a patient. Our goal is to be the gold standard for precision measurement, modeling, and prediction for world class pharmaceutical, clinical institutions, healthcare providers and payers.


Our Workflow

We require minimal time from your team, producing high quality, accurate and unbiased predictive models in a few weeks.

Data Input:

We can cast a wider net for more thorough understanding of systems biology and more accurate predictions regarding diagnosis and treatment response.

We produce quantitative models:

We evolve highly-accurate quantitative models unique to your dataset that can predict drug response, adverse events, disease progression, or diagnostic state. Our modeling approach is agnostic and assumption-free. This means that the models we produce for your dataset will reflect the true biological relationships of your predictor variables. Furthermore, our models are parsimonious and are not over-fitted. Our models are rigorously tested and validated.

Customized modeling:

The models are specific to your data and become your intellectual property. The models can be easily integrated into recruitment, CRO, and clinical management systems in order to operate in real-time independently of our software. The models can also be dropped into R, SAS, Python, or Matlab for simulation and statistical evaluation of their predictions.


Our mission at Liquid Biosciences is to enable healthcare organizations to put precision medicine into practice. We use patient data, data that is captured every day, and build upon that to be able to make decisions while constantly applying learnings from previous data or decisions that have been made. With our models, we create the path for Healthcare Services and Pharma to develop a toolbox of real solutions that drives action into intervention. We tell you why and that is the only way to drive change: with every single patient.


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