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6B Liberty, Suite 230, Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656

Reduce the risk of clinical trial failure

Liquid Biosciences enables Pharma to develop drugs with more efficiency; producing a better portfolio which leads to more options for clinicians to choose from, and an overall better ROI.   Drug prices are driven by high uncertainty in drug development. Up to 90% of clinical trials fail. Phase III trials alone, which average $1 billion per trial, fail at a 50% rate, resulting in $875 billion in annual losses industry wide.

By providing Phase III patient selection screens that predict patient response and adverse events, Liquid Biosciences meaningfully reduces clinical trial failures, thereby decreasing portfolio risk and reducing losses. Given that the pharmaceutical industry is under tremendous new pressure to reduce drug prices from both politicians and payers, lowering clinical trial failure rates can better poise pharmaceutical companies for pay for performance.

Our unique bio-inspired signal processing analytic approach that has been proven to accurately identify biomarkers for a wide variety of diseases. These markers can be used for diagnosis, prognosis, mechanistic studies, and predicting treatment response. This not only provides new biological insights, but enables minimally-invasive, lowest-cost tests that meet or exceed the predictive quality of current tests.

Increase clinical trial success


Predict drug response


Predict adverse events


Better patient recruitment


Biomarker discovery


“Today’s technologies offer greater opportunities to harness real-world data and perform advanced analytics to inform better medical decisions, identify new uses, as well as improve drug development timelines and clinical success rates”

– Paula Brown Stafford, President, Clinical Development at Quintiles